Our story

Green Group has a unique business model in Europe, given by the complexity of its services, starting from collection of recyclable waste to waste valorization into new products, thus closing the recycle circle.

How it started

Problems can lead to opportunities. Opportunities to learn, grow, and create a unique business model that will help Romania and the region. This is how, the first company – Greentech was established back in 2002, when a visionary called Clement Hung understood that Romania was facing plastic waste problems. Together with a group of dedicated people and investors, Green Group was set up step by step.

"GREEN GROUP is the cumulative result of the work years of over 3000 people, supported by the shareholders united under the same vision of long-term sustainable development and, at the same time, the dedication of a well-consolidated and united management team to reach the proposed objectives - namely to restore to the economy the lost value of waste with a positive effect on the quality of life of the community, and of the environment."

Green Group today

Green Group is owned by ABRIS capital, a leading independent private equity fund manager investing in Central Europe that identifies, unlocks and realizes value from mid-market opportunities in the region.

We are the largest integrated recycling park in Europe specialized in recyclable waste management, (collection) recycling and recovery of various types of waste. We transform recyclable waste into a valuable economic resource, closing the loop and saving resources and energy.


Often, nature's effort to protect and support us in our daily lives is underestimated.
Out of respect for nature, we want to clean the environment that surrounds us. We believe that none of the things that have fulfilled the purpose on this world should be thrown away or wasted. So, ashes to ashes, dust to dust is not a rule! The achievement of the initial purpose is not the end. We know that anything can be transformed into something new, which can achieve a new purpose.


Our roots are deep within the nature that surrounds us. We learned from nature that everything around us is in a continuous transformation. And this transformation of nature inspires us each day to reshape and recreate the things that have ended their purpose and to give them another reason to exist.


We collect, treat and recycle various type of waste.


We recover and transform waste into resources all across Europe. Our main facilities are located in the CEE/SEE and Baltic countries with HQ in Romania.Contact us

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