Diversity and inclusion

GreenGroup is a group of companies that operates in several regions of Europe, in countries with various organizational cultures.

In this context, establishing a work policy characterized by diversity and inclusion is vital for the sustainability and organic development of the business.

Our partnerships and connections prove Green Group’s position towards diversity and inclusion.
Employers of approximately 2000 people from various regions of Romania, Slovakia, and Lithuania.
Every day, we have the experience of diversity in all its forms: national culture, expertise, studies, leadership skills, managerial style, and work capacity, etc.
We are part of the ABRIS group of companies, with broad principles applied in diversity and inclusion among the companies in the portfolio.
We collaborate with numerous business partners around the world, with values and principles sustainably applied in the field
We enjoy the support of our institutional partners that have real competence and organizational responsibility, as established through diversity and inclusion.
Key principles of diversity and inclusion policies
Non-discrimination and equal treatment for all colleagues, based on professional skills and abilities.
Cultivating relationships, beyond commercial interests, with various communities and organizations.
Equal opportunities and dignity regardless of the
form of diversity.
Creating an inclusive work environment and developing a workforce defined by diversity.
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Corporate governance policies
Training sessions
Projects and questionnaires about work environment analysis
Open discussion with the employees on discrimination issues
Non-discrimination policies
Equal employment opportunities
Law compliance and equity-based recruitment strategy
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By respecting diversity and inclusion, GreenGroup considers itself a global winner.
We create and maintain a respectful work environment, where age, race, nationality, religion, gender, and sexual orientation differences are embraced and promoted.
Human rights code

As a leading company operating in the recycling field, GreenGroup, as part of its activity, takes the responsibility for respecting human rights and social rights recognized internationally.

Considering its responsibility, GreenGroup and its companies:
Respects the cultural, ethical, social, political, and legislative diversity of the nations and societies in which it operates.
Satisfies contemporary needs in a social, economically, and ecologically balanced manner, considering the protection of living and working conditions of future generations.
Respects the internationally recognized norms, directives, and standards.
Commits to respecting and promoting human and social rights which derive from the responsibilities arising from legislative changes in the field
The values behind our success
Absolute respect
Key principles
Recognizing and respecting the cultural, social, political, and legislative diversity of all nations and societies, respects and promotes internationally recognized human rights in all its activity
Supporting the prohibition of all forms of forced labor, human trafficking, and modern slavery.
Rejecting any form of discrimination at the workplace and supporting the promotion of equal opportunities, employees diversity in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, religion, skills, and sexual orientation.
Respecting the right to a reasonable contractual remuneration, that depends on the national labor market, providing at least the minimum wage in accordance with the law, and ensuring compliance with the national legislation on working time and regular paid leave.
Putting the health of the employees as the main priority, aiming to protect their health and safety by ensuring at least compliance with national health standards, the optimal level of safety of its buildings and constantly supporting the optimization of the work environment.
Recognizing the fundamental right to association and the right to collective negotiation regarding national law
Guaranteeing within GreenGroup the monitoring of minimum age for admission in the labor market, in accordance with Romanian law.
Treating all employees with respect, without using any form of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, abuse, harassment, or threat of any such practice.
Supporting the development of skills for both the employees and the company, to achieve continuous high standards and quality for the services.
The commitment, in the context of its activities, is to protect the natural environment and to stimulate the positive impact of sustainability on the business environment.
Objective, implementation field, and changes
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GreenGroup and its companies complie with the applicable laws and the international standards in order to not violate human rights.
Green Group ensures the implementation of the Code of Human Rights and Social Principles in all the owned companies.
This Code is periodically revised according to the national and international developments and, in this context, it can be modified (if deemed necessary).
GreenGroup ensures the dissemination of the Code of Human Rights and Social Principles to its employees, facilitates the training of its employees, of any interested and relevant stakeholders, of suppliers, and expects them to offer proper attention, to respect, and enforce the above-mentioned principles throughout the operations and business partnerships.
Moreover, GreenGroup will appoint the Compliance Officer as Responsible for Human Rights management, to whom, together with the designated persons in the group companies, internal and external requests are addressed, as well as any other relevant complaints.
GreenGroup evaluates and monitors the compliance with the Code of Human Rights and Social Principles in its commercial activities, and conducts regular impact assessments in its organizational units.
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The Administration Council of each targeted company is responsible to comply with the Code of Human Rights and Social Principles and delegates to the General Director the designated persons that business associates, clients, and employees can address their relevant concerns whenever necessary.
GreenGroup reserves the right to verify the compliance with the Code of Human Rights and Social Principles in an appropriate manner, by conducting on-the-spot checks if there is, or not, a well-founded suspicion.
Communication and transparency
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Regarding the transparency principle, GreenGroup commits to declare the progress or information that concerns the observation and implementation of the Code of Human Rights and Social Principles in all its activities, to the interested internal and external stakeholders.
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