Our Values


Committed to saving our planet’s resources. Guided by passion, dedication and respect for the environment, we collect, treat and recycle various types of waste to offer them as much value as possible to be reinserted into new production cycles.
We employ innovation in recycling technologies, services and business models with circular economy at heart.


We are a family of friendly people who pull together and openly help each other. We support our employees and partners in any situation and overcome challenges with optimism every time.


We always respect our promises to our employees and partners and offer them the confidence that they can count on us in any situation.

Responsibility & sustainability

We treat with responsibility and prudence every single thing we do and we pay attention to the impact on the environment. We are convinced that the future depends on the responsible way we take care of nature and we encourage our employees and partners to get involved in actions that prevent the impairment of the environment. We save resources and reintroduce them into the economic circuit.

Continuous Improvement

We are actively looking for solutions to improve our services, products and work processes so that we can achieve the highest standards.


We act and make decisions based on our own initiative, we encourage entrepreneurial responsibility within our company, and we are determined to reach our goals.

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