Green Tech partners with eMAG for “net zero” carbon emissions within entire chain of operations

eMAG achieved carbon neutrality for its operations through offsetting its carbon emissions. Buying voluntary carbon credits from Green Tech, to offset the emisions that could not be avoided, was one of the key solutions for the online retailer to reach its “net zero” objective.

Green Tech, the biggest PET recycler in Europe
Started in 2002, in Buzau, Romania, Green Tech, part of the wider Green Group family, is the biggest European recycler for PET waste. Green Tech achieves a closed loop for PET waste, by recycling 2 billion PET bottles each year and producing new recycled products out of these, such as rPET granules, PET strap and polyester staple fiber.

In 2020, Green Tech was the first company in Europe to be validated by Gold Standard Organisation to issue voluntary carbon certificates (VER) as resulted from recycling operations. Thus, Green Tech project „Reducing CO emissions through PET recycling”, was subjected to a rigorous auditing that took 4 years, while measurements regarding emissions, energy and fuel consumptions were made throughout the entire PET recycling chain of operations performed by Green Tech. The result certifies that recycling PET waste resulting in new recycled products reduces by 48% the carbon emissions as compared to producing plastic out of virgin input.

As a result, Green Tech Tech becomes the first company in Europe to issue 453.000 CO2 certificates, the equivalent of the tons of emissions saved by recycling PET waste over a period of 10 years. These certificates can be sold to companies or persons wanting to offset their carbon footprint.

What are carbon certificates
A carbon certificate is a transactional form, representing one tone of carbon dioxide that has been saved, measured and validated by an independent organization. Through the voluntary carbon transactions scheme, companies that aim to reduce or neutralize their carbon footprint can benefit from the CO2 savings of other companies, thus supporting and encouraging projects with good environmental performance.

About the voluntary carbon market
The voluntary carbon market is recognized as being part of the global emissions market, but it works outside of the national green certificates scheme that resulted from the Kyoto protocol. There are only a few international organizations that can certify and give voluntary carbon credits and Gold Standard is one of the most reputable.

About Green Tech

Romanian company Green Tech is part of Green Group, the biggest integrated recycling park in Eastern Europe. Started in 2002 in Buzau, Green Tech opened the road to PET recycling in Romania. Having a total processing capacity of 150,000 tons/year of PET waste, with recycling plants in Romania, Slovakia and Lithuania, Green Tech is today one of the most important PET recyclers in Europe. The company also produces r-PET granules, PET strap and provides PET flakes for the production of polyester synthetic fibers. More on

About eMAG
Romanian company founded in 2001, eMAG is a pioneer of e-commerce in Romania and has become a regional leader, successfully exporting the local model to Bulgaria and Hungary. For 20 years, the company has been constantly investing in services based on technologies developed in Romania, which help customers save time and money.
With a growing range of products both through its own offering and through its partners in the Marketplace, eMAG is the place where anyone can search and order anything, from anywhere. Customers benefit from value-added services such as easybox delivery and fast delivery printazzbyeMAG, the Genius premium service, through which customers benefit from free and fast delivery, 30 days right of return, fast money back via Instant Money Back, opening package on delivery, callcenter24 / 7, financing in installments and credits and the mobile application.

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