PRESS RELEASE - GreenGroup and the Municipality of Buzau Inaugurate "Gradina Dragaica" Park in Buzau

Buzau, May 26, 2023 – Today, on May 26th, the recycling and resource regeneration group GreenGroup, in partnership with the ROTA Association, inaugurated the "Gradina Dragaica" Park on Dragaicii Street, at the corner of D. Filipescu Street, in the Posta neighborhood, Buzau. The total value of the park amounts to 145,000 euros, and the construction works were made possible only through close collaboration with the Municipality of Buzau.

"Gradina Dragaica" Park is a green oasis in the city, created with the aim of providing the community with a place of beauty and relaxation. All key elements of the park, such as wooden benches, playgrounds, fitness equipment, and even informational panels, have been made from natural materials and in accordance with the principles of sustainability, thus benefiting both the surrounding environment and its visitors.

"Gradina Dragaica" was created based on the need for access to green spaces for residents in the area, which is located near the city's industrial district. Studies and urban planning experts have shown that integrating green spaces in urban industrial areas brings multiple benefits to the community, such as reducing air and noise pollution, thereby improving the health and well-being of people living and working in these areas.

Constantin Toma, the Mayor of Buzau, said: "I appreciate the efforts made by GreenGroup and the ROTA Association to regenerate this area and transform it into a beautiful and functional green space. This initiative is a good example of partnership between the private sector and the public sector in improving the quality of life for the citizens of Buzau. Additionally, it is a project that fits perfectly with Buzau's circular economy strategy."

In turn, Constantin Damov, President of the Board of GreenGroup, emphasized: "The "Gradina Dragaica" Park represents GreenGroup's commitment to the Buzau community and the desire to contribute to its development. We want to contribute to transforming Buzau into a city where green spaces are an integral part of the urban landscape. We want to show that industrial areas can be more than just gray, concrete spaces. They should integrate green and recreational areas, thus providing a healthier and more attractive environment for residents and employees. The "Gradina Dragaica" Park is a good example of how we can revitalize and transform these areas."

The "Gradina Dragaica" Park will be donated to the Municipality of Buzau, which will ensure its maintenance and administration for the benefit of the community.

About GreenGroup

GreenGroup is a leading recycling and circular economy group in Eastern Europe. The first company in the group was established in 2002 in Buzau, and today, the group comprises 8 companies and 9 recycling factories, with regional presence in Romania, Slovakia, and Lithuania. With investments totaling 200 million euros and an annual recycling and production capacity of over 400,000 tons, GreenGroup has a significant contribution in recovering valuable materials from waste. GreenGroup companies recycle various waste streams (PET, HDPE, glass waste, electrical and electronic equipment, bulbs, batteries), produce recycled raw materials (rPET granules, 100% recycled PET synthetic fiber, PET strap), and provide services that contribute to the European circular economy.
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