Public Announcement concerning the "Monitoring Drilling Arrangement" Project

SC GREENTECH SA, announces to the interested public about the submission of the request to issue the environmental agreement for the "Monitoring Drilling Arrangement" project, proposed to be located in Tintesti commune, Odaia Banului village, Buzau county.

Information on the proposed project can be consulted at the headquarters of the Buzau Environmental Protection Agency in Buzau, str. Sfantul Sava de la Buzau, no. 3, and at the headquarters of SC GREENTECH SA in the municipality of Buzau, Aleea Industriliror, no. 17, Buzau county, on Monday-Friday, between 8:00-14:00.

Public comments are received daily at the A.P.M. headquarters, Buzau from Buzau, St. Sfantul Sava de la Buzau, no. 3.

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