Risks have been overlooked: The Deposit Scheme Administrator has agreed important changes with GreenTech Baltic

From 2024, PET bottles collected in the deposit scheme in Lithuania will be recycled into raw material suitable for the production of new PET bottles, and the Deposit Scheme Administrator (USAD) and the producers and importers it represents will have a right of first refusal for the purchase of this raw material. This is ensured by a supplementary agreement between USAD, which manages the deposit system, and Greentech Baltic, a plastics recycling company. This agreement will ensure that beverage producers and importers can meet the requirements of EU and Lithuanian legislation and create a progressive circular economy model.

Gintaras Varnas, Director General of USAD, points out that the European Plastics Directive and Lithuanian legislation oblige manufacturers to use 25% recycled material (rPET) in PET bottles from 2025 and 35% from 2030. It is therefore important for beverage producers and importers to have solutions in place now, to implement the requirements and to secure sufficient rPET raw material. "Until now, Greentech Baltic has been free to choose how to recycle the plastic packaging waste it has purchased, but now it will have to ensure that it will be recycled into a raw material suitable for the production of new PET bottles," says USAD's head, G. Varnas.

"The Greentech Baltic plant is located in the vicinity of the USAD computing centre in Vilnius. As a result, plastic packaging collected from the 3,000 collection points across Lithuania takes the shortest route to recycling. The plant has been buying packaging collected in the deposit system from the non-profit USAD since the start of the deposit system in Lithuania in 2017. During this time, both parties have accumulated a long history of cooperation.

"GreenTech maintains a strong leadership position and is uniquely positioned to recycle not only clear bottles, but also coloured, opaque and other complex PET packaging materials in order to implement its principle of "Leave no PET plastic behind!". Given the plastic packaging collection targets set in Lithuania and the excellent results of USAD, our partnership will lead to a local recycling rate of at least 90%," comments Konstantin Damov, Chairman of the Board of GreenGroup, the circular economy group that GreenTech is part of.

He points out that recycling of plastic packaging is now becoming a circular service for all USAD-registered producers and importers. "At the same time, this cooperation is a strong economic initiative as it creates stability, secures supply and reduces price volatility in the rPET plastic market, which has historically been volatile and unpredictable," adds Mr Damov.

About GreenTech:

"Founded in 2002, GreenTech has more than 20 years of experience in plastic recycling. Today, the company is a leader in the European PET recycling industry, with the capacity to recycle as much as 150,000 tonnes of plastic per year. "GreenTech is part of GreenGroup, a key player in Lithuania's circular economy, active since 2019, with strategic investments in several sectors including PET recycling, LDPE recycling and industrial waste management. "GreenTech's mission is to promote the development of circularity in the Lithuanian economy by actively contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions and promoting sustainability. More here:

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