World Environment Day 2023 - Green Group is actively pursuing the path towards a sustainable future

On this World Environment Day, GreenGroup reaffirms its commitment to combating

plastic pollution and shaping a sustainable future.

Decisive actions against plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a pressing environmental challenge that requires urgent action. GreenGroup firmly believes that the future belongs to those who can effectively tackle this issue and create a sustainable world. We are dedicated to completing the circle of sustainability and resource regeneration by transforming recyclable waste into new products.

Our holistic approach, encompassing sorting and processing recyclable waste, sets us apart as a key player in the field of circular economy in Central Europe. Through our various divisions, we actively contribute to combating plastic pollution:

  • Closed Loop Recycling: By closing the loop on materials like PET, polyolefins, electronic waste and more, we reduce the demand for virgin resources and minimize plastic pollution.
  • Services for the Closed Loop and Circular Economy: We offer comprehensive services that support the transition towards a circular economy. This includes extended producer responsibility (EPR) for packaging waste, enabling responsible and efficient management of waste throughout its lifecycle. Our expertise also extends to environmental software solutions, facilitating sustainable practices and minimizing the environmental impact of businesses.
  • Resource Regeneration: At GreenGroup, we take pride in our ability to create products made entirely from 100% recycled waste. From PET strap to polyester staple fiber, we harness the potential of recycled materials to produce high-quality and sustainable alternatives. By doing so, we reduce the reliance on virgin resources and actively contribute to mitigating plastic pollution.

Key figures

Total recycling capacity for PET: 150,000

  • 45,000 tons of synthetic polyester fiber annual production capacity
  • 14,000 tons of recycled granules, annual production capacity
  • 100,000 tons of rPET flakes, total recycling capacity
  • 7,500 tons of PET strap annual production capacity
  • 100% recycled PET in the production process
  • 31,500 recycled PET bottles per ton of finished product

Total recycling capacity for LDPE plastic: 26,000 tons/year. 

100,000 tons/year electronic waste, recovering up to 98% of materials, including plastic.

Educational initiatives

Supporting the education of young generation is one of GreenGroup’s main social involvement activities. As such, GreenGroup has built and nourished a strong cooperation with the academic environment, certified by a signed memorandum of cooperation with two of the most prestigious universities in Romania: Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies and Bucharest Polytechnical University.

Under the framework of this cooperation, the following activities are conducted: mutual promotion of academic programs, job openings at GreenGroup, implementation of new educational programs (as a result of the cooperation both Universities have recently introduced Circular Economy oriented Masters degree programs), development of scientific research, innovation and technology transfer projects, students onsite visits (GreenGroup factories visits) - over 500 students have visited us during last year.

Reducing the company’s carbon footprint

The GreenGroup companies in Romania started the renewal of their car fleet, replacing polluting vehicles with electric and hybrid alternatives, as part of the group's strategy to neutralize the carbon footprint of its operations by 2030.

Last year, 32 autovehicles have been purchased and delivered.

With a keen focus on recycling, by implementing CSR projects, educational initiatives and supportive measures for reducing its carbon footprint, GreenGroup demonstrates how an organization can integrate environmental stewardship into every aspect of its operations.

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