What's new in Green Fiber’s lab

GreenFiber manufactures a high standard quality of PSF from 100% recycled PET flakes since 2006 and has committed to keep the high standard of competitiveness and deliver high-quality fiber volumes.

Over the last months, our Research and Development Department has focused on innovative solutions and technologies that ensure the maximum customer benefit, while at the same time delivering only the most environmental sustainable products to the market.

TRILOBAL fibers have three distinct sides ('tri' = three and 'lobal' = sides) and would be available in: standard finish, hydrophilic finish, hydrophobic finish and flame retardant, mass treated or finish treated.

This is a great innovation as, compared with round section fibers, it imparts to the nonwoven product some interesting and useful properties:better penetration of liquids(less time to get wet) and performance on transport of the moisture
lower thermal conductivity and air permeability with result in better performance in thermal insulation and sound insulation respectively
better binding properties with result in higher breaking strength

Other differences in the properties of the nonwoven products made with trilobal fibers are less recovery after compression and nice shinny effect when made from bright fiber

As we are seeing more and more brands shifting to a sustainable approach, using raw materials made from 100% recycled PET like TRILOBAL SD fiber plays an important role in improving efficiencies, reducing waste and costs as well supports a greener environment to your business.

Our products - from waste to resource

GreenFiber is part of Green Group, which started its story in 2002 and, since then, it developed into an integrated group of companies which today offers a multitude of closed loop solutions for collection, logistic, recycling and re-manufacturing based 100% on waste, becoming the first industrial recycling park in Romania.
As promoters and believers in the circular economy, Green Group created the right incentives to close the loop of recycling.  GreenFiber has a long history in Romania. With facilities in different region of the country, the first plant was opened in 2006 in Buzau, followed by two new ones in Iasi, in 2007 and 2008, and the last opened in 2017.

GreenFiber revived the polyester staple fibres industry here, one that enjoyed a longstanding tradition in Romania. But instead of relying on a natural resource for production, petroleum, GreenFiber replaced it with a new, renewable resource, PET waste.

This is why GreenFiber not only creates fibres, but it creates responsible fibres.

If you are interested in finding more info about this product, we can send you a sample and technical data sheet and we hope that once you test it you will approve of its quality.
We are committed to your satisfaction and one of our sales person will be ready to help you out explaining about the product and its characteristics.

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